Company of Thieves / by Kaelyn Dodd

I had the immense pleasure of shooting Company of Thieves on 9/22 at the House of Blues. I've been a big fan of CoT since they released "Oscar Wilde" and the accompanying music video was in the style of Wes Anderson's "Rushmore", one of my all time favorite movies.

When I saw they were doing a "comeback" tour and had a homecoming show at the House of Blues, I knew immediately I wanted to shoot it. I reached out to them and they were gracious enough to host me at the show and let me tell you... it. did. not. disappoint. 

Shooting Company of Thieves was one of the most fun shows I've had the pleasure of shooting. Front woman, Genevieve, is not only an incredible vocalist, but also an amazing performer. I love shooting musicians that are emotive in their expressions and movement and this band is that and more. You can truly feel their intensity as they perform. 

The band most recently released a track this summer, Treasure, and I highly recommend giving it a listen. 

Below are some of my favorite shots from the show.