The Aces / by Kaelyn Dodd


I recently had the privilege of shooting
The Ace's when they came through Chicago on August 31st. The charismatically stylish quartet from Provo, Utah rocked Schuba's Tavern as part of WKQX's Queued Up Artist Showcase with their vampy bubblegum pop
a la Haim and Fleetwood Mac. 

The girls sounded and looked great (UH HELLO, Cristal's fabulous sparkly green bell bottoms!), but most notable was their humble and genuine interactions with fans before and after the show. They were so excited to meet, hug and chat with these people! 

I have no doubt that this down to earth foursome is going to get BIG. You can stream their EP, "I Don't Like Being Honest" on Spotify HERE.
Take a look at the gallery below!